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Praise for The Beautiful Bridegroom, April 2018:

"Rounding out the cast was Elizabeth Kinder's Captain von Frauenliebe, who leant a warm voice to an absolutely perfect lampoon of the trouser role that provided the best laughs of the night."

                                                                     --Arturo Fernandez, Schmopera 

Praise for Albert Herring, July 2014:


"Kinder was notable for her effortless technique, and how she was able to combine it with her acting skills to depict Wordsworth's combination of enthusiasm and stifling control"

                                                                    --Brian Schuth, Boston Musical Intelligencer 


Praise for New Voices Concert, September 2013


"Spirited delivery by soprano Elizabeth Kinder....this zarzuela piece is a lively patter song requiring fast delivery and excellent diction, both of which were well supplied to bring the evening to an energetic close" 

                                                                  --Basil Considine, Boston Musical Intelligencer 

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